Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Curry Laksa @Restoran 126 Bittergourd Noodle.

Restoran 126 Bittergourd noodle is a nice place to enjoy a good
bowl of noodle, rice or porridge and as their signboard implies                 
they are famous for their bittergourd noodle.

Located in Taman Mayang Emas, a place famous for double parking
as parking lots are limited.

For lunch I usually like to eat noodle -just any kind.

Today, the deluxe curry laksa was my choice -a bowl of loh shi fun in a
 Nyonya styled fiery red, creamy,  rich and fragrant coconut milk 
flavored broth filled to the brim with all kinds of everything except 
roast pork which was sold out.

I think they replaced it with a piece of chicken rendang.

Overall a pretty affordable meal.

 Location: 12, Jalan BM 1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Delicious Dinner 64.

A series of home cooked dishes by my wife.

Salted egg pumpkin wedges.

Steamed sea prawns with egg whites and garnished with julienne ginger and spring onion.

Chai Buey.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pork Noodle @ Restoran Wah Cheong.

Restoran Wah Cheong is located next to the Section 17 
covered wet market, right at where the action is ! 

As early as 5:30 am - the market is bustling with
people from all the surrounding neighborhoods.

My wife likes to do her marketing here even though we 
lived quite far away.
While waiting for her, I will have breakfast at my favorite 
pork noodle stall.

I can say that this guy cooks a real good bowl of pork noodle
to my satisfaction.
Filled to the brim with lean pork (no gamey smell), minced pork,
pig's liver, pig's kidney and half cooked egg, meatball, pork lard, garlic oil
and garnished with chopped spring onion.

 Location: 1080, Jalan  17/29,
46400, Petaling Jaya.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Delicious Dinner 63.

A series of delicious home cooked dishes by my wife.

 Yong Tau Foo - white tofu, ladyfingers, red and green chillies.


Steamed fishpaste and minced pork balls.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Economy Fried Noodle.

The small. clean and airy food court in Section 17/1A
is a great place to have a no fuss breakfast.

A small range of staple food for all races - cheap and still
affordable, a cup of warm water is only 20 cents.

Nasi lemak, char koay teow,  kueh mueh mixed rice, vegetarian
food, noodle, sweet desserts..etc is available,too.

Ah Keng of Stall No:8 sells different types of fried vegetarian
noodle each day with sides like fried egg or mock roast goose
with a nice vinegar chillies sauce for dip.

Besides that she also sells Aroma Nyonya Kueh - at least 10 or more
varieties to choose.
Today is fried vegetarian rice vermicelli with mock roast goose and
a dollop of spicy vinegar chillies.

Location: Section 17/1A Foodcourt.
Petaling Jaya.